Chat Rules

1. Age Requirement:

  • All members must be at least 13 years old to participate. Anyone found to be younger will be removed from the chat rooms.

2. Respectful Interaction:

  • Always treat other members with respect. Any form of abuse, insult, or derogatory comments will lead to immediate action.
  • Use language that promotes positive interaction. Profanity, slurs, or any form of hate speech is strictly prohibited.

3. Content Restrictions:

  • This chat room is for discussing culture, the world, and making friends. Any deviation from these topics could result in a warning or ban.
  • Adult content, suggestive discussions, or any inappropriate material is strictly prohibited.
  • No promotion of violence, self-harm, or illegal activities.

4. Personal Information:

  • Sharing of personal contact information, including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, or social media profiles, is not allowed.
  • Do not attempt to gather, distribute, or otherwise exploit the personal information of others (doxxing). This will result in an immediate ban.

5. Spam and Advertising:

  • No spamming the chat rooms with unwanted content or messages.
  • Advertising, promoting, or soliciting any goods, services, or other websites is not allowed.

6. Reporting and Moderation:

  • If you witness anyone breaking these rules, promptly report them to an admin or moderator.
  • While our team does its best to ensure a safe environment, we cannot be present at all times. Use the blocking feature if you encounter any user violating the rules and there’s no immediate admin/moderator intervention.
  • Continuous disregard for the rules may result in temporary suspension or permanent ban.

7. Constructive Discussions:

  • While differences in opinions are natural, always approach disagreements with an open mind. Refrain from personal attacks or inflammatory comments.
  • Any form of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or any other personal attribute will not be tolerated.

8. Account Security:

  • Keep your account details secure. Do not share your login credentials with anyone. The website management will not be responsible for any harm resulting from leaked personal information.

9. Changes to Rules:

  • These rules can be updated at any time. Regularly review this page to stay updated with the latest rules and guidelines.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us maintain a friendly and safe environment for all. If you have suggestions, concerns, or questions, please reach out to our support team.